Only New York City dwellers can truly understand what I’m about to say… Why? Because living in NYC is entirely different from where I now reside! I’d almost forgotten what life was like on the other side!

A large kitchen, wall-to-wall carpeting, a large bathroom, two comfortable bedrooms, a washer and dryer, a quiet neighborhood (sans of drug dealers and extra loud music!), a town that is up and coming near Philly, gas that is $.40 cheaper that a New York City, and a choice of two awesome churches to attend! Need I say more? We are blessed beyond words!

We sought God’s will, asked for clarity and direction, and waited on Him even when it took much longer than we wanted. We now see God’s hand in why we moved to Collingswood New Jersey! He has showered us, as He always does, with deep peace and joy! But it’s not only about the conveniences of life here!

No matter where we go we know that God calls us and wants to use us in service to Him. And once again, here we are in the center of His will for us. We moved here because, as of one week ago, Gary is working with the American Bible Society located in Philadelphia. His love for God’s Word and the Spanish language are now a large part of his 40 hour week at ABS. It thrills me to see him so fulfilled in these two areas he has always cherished! He is part of a team working to help people become more engaged in Scripture and his main focus is with the Spanish language.

So what have I been doing?

I’ve had more fun setting up our new home in this quiet neighborhood. It’s been most enjoyable for me with the conveniences we now have. While Gary is at work I have been emptying boxes, organizing rooms and setting up our new life here, especially using Facebook Marketplace!

What I haven’t experienced yet is what I left back in NYC. I had an active and very busy life there. I was babysitting my grand kiddos a great deal, working with the women’s organization at my church, working part-time babysitting children in my neighborhood, and finding time to meet up with old friends for fellowship. I was very busy and loved it!

So now what?

One thing I have determined to continue with here is to attend Mass every single morning! When we were looking for an apartment near Philly, I asked God to please provide us with a church that had early morning Mass.  Since becoming Catholic over a year ago, I’ve grown to depend on meeting Jesus in the Holy Eucharist every single morning!  To our surprise (not!) God has given us two choices! We have the privilege of choosing between the 6:30 a.m. and 6:45 a.m. Mass celebrations nearby, and have yet to determine which one to attend on a regular basis.

As far as the rest of my life here in Collingswood, New Jersey goes, I wonder what God has next for me!

About a year ago Gary mentioned to me that he sensed that the elderly are a group of people often overlooked by society, and wondered how we could participate in their lives. Little did we know that we would become a part of a residential village full of elderly folks! God has been preparing us for this and here we are! What that entails I have no idea, but, as always, I can’t wait to see what God wants to do through us.

I look forward to meeting the folks here. I’ve already become good friends with someone who shared with me that she was just told that she has breast cancer. I told her I would be praying for her and it took her off guard!  That was the beginning of a new and special friendship. I am committed to walking this journey alongside her.

A blind lady lives above us, an irritated and irrational man lives down the way, and a quiet older woman dying of cancer walks her dog all day long to keep active. These are just a few of the many residents here that God is calling me to befriend. I am open to His plan for me. He may have me work part time in the dermatology office here in town or perhaps I’ll just hang out with the folks here in Pewter Village!

I am honestly a bit nervous about what all this might mean!  But I know that God walks beside me and He’ll work out the details as I trust Him. How fitting it is that as I write this today, the priest spoke of this very thing in his homily (sermon) this morning from Matthew 11:25–30.  God is inviting me to come to Him, especially in my weakness, and learn from Him. He promises to walk with me  in my simplicity. He asks me to join Him in obedience to what His purpose is for me in these new surroundings. I don’t know what that is but I want to reflect Him in my life. It’s Jesus who gives me the strength and desire to say “yes” to whatever He asks of me and I honestly look forward to finding out what that is!

4 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Hi, Charlotte, It is encouraging to read your testimony and see how God has lead you… We are definitely in the “What next?” phase of conversion coming from full-time ministry. I’m sure God will use you to influence people in your life. Love, Sharon Plascencia

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  2. I continue to find that the elderly (I’m getting very close to that definition) are underserved. I facilitate a small Bible Study in my Mom’s living room in an apartment complex housing many seniors. We are also discovering the mission field that this neighborhood has become. It’s amazing the back stories of the various individuals. I wish you wisdom as you compassionately touch the lives in your new community. I pray for the same in my retirement as I visit with Mom and her neighbors.

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    1. Thanks Beckie! It sounds just like this village! I met 3 new women last night… little by little God is unfolding His Plan! Thx for your prayers and I’ll pray for the Bible study folks in your mom’s village as well. What’s her name?


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