15 x 3 is ?

15 + 15 + 15 more?

Have you ever watched a child build a pyramid out of Duplos or Legos?  I love watching my grandkiddos build and create – but I especially enjoy seeing the end results of their creations!


My life has developed into a pyramid of sorts that has been built piece by piece through the depth and grace of God’s love and guidance!  The major building of this pyramid has occurred in fifteen year increments.

The Pyramid’s Foundation

The base of the pyramid was established when I decided to follow Jesus by giving Him my heart and life at the age of sixteen.  It was a clear decision that made sense to me.  I had very little knowledge of what it would mean for the rest of my life, but that didn’t concern me.  This was a new beginning for me.  It was a foundation I needed because I desperately needed God in my life.  My new relationship with Jesus was going to carry me into the future!

Every building must have a foundation.  That’s basic.  No building is stable without a firm foundation.  My foundation was Jesus Christ and I knew He was “Rock” solid!  During my high school years and into college I found myself developing a “best friend” relationship with Him.  I learned to trust Him, cling to Him as I walked into adulthood, and rely on Him for financial, emotional and spiritual issues that were to come up.

Building on the Foundation

The first layers of this pyramid were the fifteen years we spent in Lima, Peru as missionaries.  I loved Lima, my neighborhood, the culture and the people.  I was so blessed to live there!  Spanish was all I spoke outside our home which was both challenging and most fulfilling!  During those years in Lima God took me down a few notches, humbled me and created a deep longing in me to know Him.  He kept me on my knees as we established an Evangelical church there.  He also blessed us with the privilege of adopting a precious baby boy.  Little by little more blocks were being added to the pyramid God used to keep me depending on Him!  They were difficult years but in our difficulties I could choose to depend on Him or reject Him.  I chose dependency.  I learned much about spiritual warfare and what it meant to cling to Jesus and confide in Him every moment of the every day!

I established some very dear friendships and left my heart there when we realized God was calling us elsewhere.  We had to obey and we saw our time in Peru come to an end.  It was sad to close that chapter in my life, but a few more layers were to be added to my pyramid.  Only God knew what was to become the next addition to it.

The Pyramid’s Center

I had no idea that the second fifteen years of my life would be just as beautiful and fulfilling as those spent in Lima.  The next building blocks were these years we’ve been in New York City.  I can’t believe we’ve lived here for a full fifteen years!  We’ve had our share of difficulties here, but the blessings have outweighed the difficulties!  The saying is true: “Only in New York!”.  These years have been most fruitful* and I am certain that God used this city to conform me more and more to His image!

I discovered how many prejudices I really had while living here.  I experienced trials that took me to my knees.  I’ve lived with difficulties beyond my expectations… and I’ve come out alive! I’m not only alive, but I’m thriving because of Christ’s power and strength!  I wouldn’t change it for anything!

The past two years, however, have been used by God in exceptional ways.  My faith has been deepened through my understanding of and becoming Catholic.  This has brought both joy and sadness to my heart: joy because many have rejoiced at our deepened faith in Christ and obedience to His call to do so, and sadness because others consider it a wrong move.  My relationship with Jesus has been, in these past two years, one that words cannot describe!  I have experienced a closeness to Jesus Christ that surpasses my understanding!  And as I’ve said in previous blogs, I have no words that can explain it’s sweetness and peace.

Warren girls with GWB

Today as I babysat some precious girls, I found myself getting a little teary-eyed as I looked out at the George Washington bridge just beyond their beautiful back yard.  I’ve loved New York City!  As I watched my granddaughter and this new best neighborhood friend (and little sister) play together I found myself peaceful and grateful for my time here!  As they played together, I pondered.  I reflected.  God has done so much in me these fifteen years and I sat there feeling very thankful.

I’m really going to miss this city that has molded and shaped me!

The Top of the Pyramid

As I look back and see how the blocks were added to this pyramid, fifteen years at a time, I wonder what God will do in and through me in these next fifteen years!  I must admit that it excites me beyond words!  I’m approaching the top of the pyramid now, as this move will most likely be our last one, but who knows!  I can’t wait to see what the building blocks to the top will look like.  And if they are not pleasant, I am okay with that .  God has held my hand in the past and walked with me, lead me through thick and thin, and held me tight when I most needed it.  I’m sure He’ll do the same if not more in the years to come.  I’m His and that’s all that matters!

* See my previous blogs

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